The AccuTrak Vehicle Monitoring System has been successfully deployed in several hotel airport locations. This AccuTrak system is a powerful tool that not only can enhance the security and safety of guests but can also improve driver performance as well as customer service.

GuestTrak is the full service system designed for the hotel and resort industry. The following are some of the features afforded by this system:

Security: GPS provides the ability to constantly monitor the vehicle’s location. Preset boundaries, defining the route a vehicle should take, can be activated. Should the vehicle leave its designated area the base station will be alerted. In addition, a hidden panic button covertly activated by the driver will activate a priority emergency condition enabling appropriate action. Our GPRS based system is “always on” and so the vehicle can always be tracked and monitored even when it has been turned off. The system can also provide for the checking of a driver ID and produces an Unauthorized Driver alert if the vehicle moves without a proper driver ID.

Customer Service: By knowing a vehicle’s location, guests can be accurately advised when they can expect to be picked up. In addition, the system can collect guests’ IDs by utilizing the credit card reader in the vehicle thereby providing enough information for front desk personnel to prepare for their guests’ check-in. Upon boarding the vehicle, a guest swipes a credit card through the vehicle’s credit card reader. This information is immediately encrypted for security purposes and transmitted to the front desk computer where it can be is displayed and/or printed. Guests can be checked in before they actually arrive. Other features the system affords is point-to-point directions as well as information on local Parks and Reserves, local Points of Interest, restaurants and much more.

Communication: Mobile data terminals installed in each vehicle allows the base station to communicate with the driver accurately and concisely. Two-way voiceless text messaging is silent and provides a hardcopy record of all messages to and from the vehicle. Custom preset messages can be loaded in the terminal. Also, conversations are kept to a minimum, idle conversation is virtually eliminated and there is no question whether the driver heard the message or not. Receipt of all messages is confirmed.

Accountability: The GuestTrak system is an excellent tool to monitor driver performance. Speed thresholds can be set that alerts the base station and the driver if a vehicle is being operated above the preset speed limits. All activity is recorded and can be replayed or printed at any time. This is especially useful in resolving complaints against a driver or to verify times of incidents.

Versatile: The GuestTrak system is Microsoft Windows™ based and has been integrated with Microsoft MapPoint® which combines powerful mapping and analysis tools. The system can also be easily integrated with other software systems.

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