AccuTrak began in 1995 by developing and field testing the first analog cellular based mobile GPS tracking units in Canada and in the USA. From 1996 to 2000, AccuTrak installed CDPD based units in the USA and developed many advanced features including the GuestTrak product. From 2001 to the present AccuTrak made a quantum technological leap in developing and installing a new GPRS based system containing many new features while maintaining and improving features from the old system.

Below is a more detailed history of AccuTrak's activities since 1995:

Developed and field tested first analog cellular based mobile GPS tracking units in Canada and USA
Introduced switch cellular based mobile GPS tracking unit

1996 to 2000
Introduced seamless mapping of the US and internet access to display tracking information
Installed first AccuTrak CDPD units in USA
Established developer program and finalized reseller agreement for CDPD with AT&T
Introduced alarm notification to UL listed dispatch center for distress and route management
Developed GuestTrak, the automated mobile hotel check-in and tracking system
Installed GuestTrak in selected East Coast, West Coast and Midwest Hilton Hotels
Provided the following capabilities and features in the new tracking units:
      Off site emergency and risk management monitoring
      Mobile data terminals
      Commandable outputs
      GPS output for in-vehicle navigation
      Interactive mapping
      Security alarms
      Seat, door, engine and driver condition sensors
      Boundary definitions
      Graphic playback
      Credit card and bar code readers

2001 to 2004
Sold CDPD based business while retaining GuestTrak and corresponding accounts
Developed and installed GPRS based system in several locations
Added enhanced security features
Replaced all installed GuestTrak systems with new GPRS based version
Added enhanced transmission and processing features..

2004 to 2008
Developed relationships with existing GPS tracking companies providing back-end support.

2008 to Present
Developed applications utilizing biometrics for safety, security and accountability. Company actively enhanced patent protection on specific applications

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