If you already have an application or a development team in place and are looking for a powerful, reliable platform network on which to deploy it, learn more about Accutrak's industry leading backbone solutions.

AccuTrak can provide developers with all the tools and support needed to enhance their existing applications with location specific functionality. You'll be able to link your existing applications to the AccuTrak platform, adding the benefit of wireless connectivity, GPS based location and ID enhanced features.

The following represents the features and capabilities of our platform:

AccuTrak Platform (AT2000)

o Supports all applications
o Independent GPRS receiver and radio technology
o User configurable inputs and outputs
o Multiple communications ports
o High efficiency power supply
o Upgradeable memory
o Data encryption technology

System Software

o Independent Mapping Technology
o Microsoft MapPoint Maps
o Database Independent Software
o Ease of Customization
o Threading Technology
o Standard ODBC Interface
o Multiple Client and Location Interfaces
o Firewall Compatibility

Powerful Options

o Mobile Data Terminals
o Credit Card Readers
o Bar Code Scanners
o Thermostats
o Seat Sensors
o Door Sensors
o Panic Buttons
o Security Alarms
o Driver Condition Sensors
o Driver Identification
o Commandable Outputs
o Engine Sensors

Enhanced Security

o Driver log in
o Panic button and alert
o Unauthorized driver alert
o Boundary alert (In or Out)
o System tracking 24 hours per day, 7 days a week
o Passenger identification

Enhanced Transmission and Recording

o Tracking information in unit
o Transmit and record settings with 5 second minimums
o Download and/or clear unit memory determined by user

Additional Features

o Track vehicles In or Out of predefined boundaries
o Special condition alerts (e.g., Unauthorized Driver)
o Door to door directions
o Locate addresses, towns, streets, zip codes
o Locate points of interest, local transit, restaurants
o Credit Card processing and encryption
o Send and receive voiceless messages

Full Service
Accutrak can provide everything you need from concept to a fully implemented system.


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