What exactly is GPS technology?
GPS stands for Global Positioning System, a reliable network of satellites developed by the U.S. Government and NATO. These satellites are available for commercial applications and AccuTrak utilizes these satellites to provide the basic vehicle location and speed. At least three satellites must be "seen" by the vehicle in order to obtain the accurate parameters.

Does the AccuTrak System provide simple vehicle tracking without all of the advanced features?
AccuTrak can provide a basic generic tracking system without any of the powerful add-on options, e.g., credit card reader, etc. However, most of the other advance features are provided at no additional cost. They are an integral part of all the AccuTrak products.

What happens in the future if I decide to upgrade in order to use new features?
The AT2000 is modular in design which means that options can be easily added to the basic unit at any time without costly equipment upgrades. The system can grow as your needs and demands change. Most software changes will be downloaded automatically and be transparent to the end user.

Can the AccuTrak System help locate a stolen vehicle?
The AccuTrak System provides an Unauthorized Driver alert. If the vehicle is moved by an unauthorized driver, security personnel can be alerted immediately and property loss and damage minimized or prevented.

What if a vehicle security problem occurs after the normal hours of operation?
The AccuTrak System is on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. In the event of a security problem occuring after normal hours of operation, the system can automatically send a message or place a call to any location selected by the user in addition to the normal security alert.

Would installing the AccuTrak System reduce insurance premiums?
It is anticipated that in many cases and under certain conditions installing the AccuTrak System would result in lower insurance premiums.

How does the AccuTrak System help fleet managers?
AccuTrak makes vehicles more secure, improves productivity and holds drivers more accountable.

Does the AccuTrak System work best for a particular kind of fleet?
The AccuTrak System’s benefits work for all size fleets, for almost every type of fleet and in almost any industry.

Can the AccuTrak System’s voiceless communications work with other wireless devices?
The AccuTrak System can route two-way voiceless communication to internet based devices such as cell phones, laptop computers, Windows CE devices, PDAs and alphanumeric pagers.

Where is my data stored and what access do I have?
All the AccuTrak System data is stored on the AccuTrak server. The system can provide a playback of any day’s activity, print detailed trip reports for each vehicle, view or print message logs, view or print activity logs and view or print credit card or ID information.

Can the AccuTrak System work with other fleet management software?
The AccuTrak System can also be easily integrated with other software systems. Its Windows based software also uses a standard ODBC interface allowing its database to be directly accessible by other systems as well as being able to access other systems' data in the same way.

How does the AccuTrak System help risk management programs?
Although the AccuTrak System has a "forgiveness" capability providing a warning to drivers when they exceed the preset speed limit, the system can still provide vital information about vehicle speed, vehicle condition and driver condition before an accident.

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