Regardless of your industry, Accutrak can help your business to increase efficiency, increase profit, reduce risks and provide a greater degree of security and safety while showing you in real time exactly what's happening on the ground.

Accutrak offers three ways to see your mobile activity in real time. We can provide

- a platform that allows extensive vehicle tracking for your applications
- provide pre-built applications containing many of our advance features
- customize our products to meet your specific needs from concept to your own full system.

The AT2000 is a unique Internet based open architecture mobile communications platform designed to transmit and receive data via a wireless network. The basic unit comes equipped with a Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) receiver for Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) and additional input ports for monitoring various sensors.

Automatic Vehicle Location: The AT2000 utilizes NATO and US Defense Department satellites to pinpoint a vehicle’s location within 15 meters on average. Geo-coordinates are gathered, analyzed and transmitted at preset intervals over the wireless network to AccuTrak’s central monitoring facility. In addition, engine startups, shutdowns and special conditions are transmitted as well. Users access their unique vehicle information via an Internet connection and base station computer. The AccuTrak software translates the geo-coordinates and conditions and graphically displays it on street level detailed maps. Accurate algorithms calculate vehicle speed, direction and distances. The AT2000 also has the ability to perform in vehicle navigation when connected to a laptop computer and mapping software.

Condition Monitoring: The AT2000’s input port allows for monitoring of closed or open circuit devices or 12 Volt DC outputs. These devices may include standard engine warning lights, door open switches, emergency lights and PTOs. Optional devices such as seat sensors, alarm contacts and panic buttons may also be added. The AT2000 will also accept digital or analog data from devices such as temperature and humidity sensors.

Commandable Outputs: The addition of an optional processor gives the base station the ability to control various functions in the vehicle, e.g., shut engine, turn lights on or off, lock or unlock doors.

Data Devices: The AT2000 supports a wide variety of optional data devices such as mobile data terminals for voiceless communications, bar code scanners for inventory control or driver/passenger ID and credit card readers for in-vehicle transactions.

Communications Platform: The AT2000 utilizes state of the art General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) to transmit its data over the airways. GPRS is a cost-effective service provided by the major telecommunication companies. Although GPRS is the method of choice, the AT2000’s open architecture design enables it to communicate with other known transmission methods.

Versatility: The AT2000 is modular in design which means that options can be easily added to the basic unit at any time without costly equipment upgrades. The system can grow as your needs and demands change.

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