Other Industries

The AccuTrak systems have been developed and implemented with a very modular design such that its open architecture allows most organizations, regardless of the industry, to utilize the AccuTrak platform and applications in order to reduce inefficiency, increase profit, reduce liability and provide a greater degree of security and safety.

Nevertheless, AccuTrak is currently in the process of collecting requirements and specifications for selected industries so as to focus on those specific needs that are particular to those industries. These industries include:

Local Municipalities

In fleet management the challenge is not just knowing the location of each vehicle but also managing as many of the related variables: the vehicle status, the driver identification and condition, the passenger, pickup/delivery status and the unexpected emergency that can compromise even the most carefully planned schedule. The security and safety of the vehicles, drivers and passengers are also paramount. AccuTrak’s systems address these issues. Its patented methods, for example, will provide an accurate identification of drivers and/or passengers via physiological parameters that are unique to each individual. Automatic shutdown controls can be implemented ensuring that “the right driver is in the right vehicle at the right time.”

In most municipalities, AccuTrak’s systems can be used successfully and optimally in limousines, taxi cabs, school buses, ambulances, Access-A-Ride vehicles, public buses, railroad service vehicles and many other service vehicles.

Other Government Service Agencies

In October, 2004, the President of the United States signed a bill to provide the funding that would ensure that the federal, state and local governments have the resources that they would need to prevent terrorist attacks within the United States thereby reducing America's vulnerability to terrorism. A key component of this bill is the Container Security Initiative which provides for the pre-screening of cargo containers from 26 ports representing more than 80% of inbound cargo to the United States. In addition, a second initiative will facilitate the improvement of security along the entire supply chain from importers, land borders and seaports.

In keeping with these initiatives, AccuTrak believes that the tracking of certain types of vehicles and cargo movements, e.g., hazardous materials, will provide a greater level of security and safety. One feature that AccuTrak is implementing in most of its systems is the requirement for driver identification and location through physiological parameters. These controls can be incorporated utilizing a smart card process using biometric verification, hand or thumb print analyses, video streaming and/or through a high precision iris recognition system.

AccuTrak is also in the process of developing and/or collecting full specifications for the development of ignition interlock (alcohol monitoring), prisoner release tracking and vehicle anti-theft systems.

Other Industries

                 ·   Delivery Services
                 ·   Food Transporters
                 ·   Armored Transporters
                 ·   Cleaning Services
                 ·   Construction Companies
                 ·   Livery and Transportation
                 ·   Service Companies
                 ·   Chemical Transporters
                 ·   Law Enforcement
                 ·   Fuel Transporters
                 ·   Courier Services
                 ·   Private Security
                 ·   Waste Haulers
                 ·   Utility Companies
                 ·   Tow Truck Operators

   School Buses      Limousine Services
   Hospitality      Biomedical
   Medical Transporters  

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