Learn more about Accutrak's applications that unleash the latent power of your industry.

AccuTrak has several applications that serve an extensive number of industries all based on the advanced AccuTrak platform.

The most basic application is the AccuTrak Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring System. This is a generic system that provides full vehicle tracking and monitoring with the following options and features:

o Microsoft MapPoint Maps
o Driver Identification
o Assign drivers to vehicles
o Panic button and alert
o Unauthorized driver alert
o Boundary alert (In or Out)
o Overspeed alert
o Show driver name during tracking
o System tracking 24 hours per day, 7 days a week
o Passenger identification
o Door to door directions
o Locate addresses, towns, streets, zip codes
o Locate points of interest, local transit, restaurants
o Credit Card processing and encryption
o Send and receive voiceless messages
o Animated replay of selected period for each vehicle
o Daily Activity Report by trip, destination and vehicle

The LimoTrak system is a powerful tool that can not only improve driver performance and customer service but can also enhance the security and safety of the passengers. The LimoTrak Vehicle Monitoring System has been successfully deployed in several limousine services. Please see the Limousine Services industry for a full description of this product.

GuestTrak is the full service system designed for the hotel and resort industry. Please see the Hospitality industry for a full description of this product.

AccuTrak is also in the process of developing and/or collecting full specifications for the development of additional applications. These applications include school bus tracking, biomedical monitoring, medical transportation, ignition interlock (alcohol monitoring), prisoner release tracking programs and vehicle anti-theft systems. All of these applications would be protected under AccuTrak's existing patents.

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